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Reaching the Youth Today


Jonathan Edwards (Puritan pastor and theologian) became serious about his life and spiritual growth at the young age of 19.  The more he understood God, the more he understood his own sinful nature and the need for sanctification.  With a compelling desire to honor God with his life, he penned a series of commitments that all began with Resolved. 

As a way to call today's younger generation to the same level of spiritual commitment Edwards demonstrated over 200 years ago, Grace Community Church, where John MacArthur is senior pastor, created the Resolved Conference.  This conference is annually drawing 3,000 young men and women from all over the U.S.  With so much attention these days on finding ways to reach the younger generation and meet their felt needs, it seems this special event is doing just that.

This year's conference takes place this weekend, June 25-28, in Palm Springs, California.  Focusing hearts on our living, risen Savior, John MacArthur and other gifted pastors will provide hours of expository preaching, with Enfield (a group of young musicians) leading worship and music.  Your listeners can learn more about this movement at Resolved.org.

However, if they're still wondering if their salvation is even secure, encourage them to listen to "Grace to You®" now through July 16th.  John MacArthur tells of eleven quick tests that will either verify salvation, or reveal the need to come to Christ.  No time like the present to take an accurate look at our spiritual condition and make sure we haven't fallen for what John calls Myths About Salvation.  To see what else is airing this month, download the July Promo Packet now

Don't forget to also check out GTY.org for the latest resources available from the ministry. 


Michelle Blood

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