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Is there a human on the other end?

HCJB Facebook PageI was sitting in a doctor's office awaiting a travel vaccine.  Ouch!  I posted my "woes" to my Facebook account from my phone and within five minutes had a few responses to my "status update" from friends offering sympathy.

Why did I "broadcast" my day's activities?  I suppose that, in an often-impersonal doctor's office, I was feeling the need for a little human connection.  I wouldn't have done it if I believed there wasn't anyone on the other end.

The same is true for people connecting with an organization's Facebook page.  More often than not, people won't initiate unless they believe there's a human on the other end that's listening.

Recently a listener to HCJB Global's station in Ecuador received a Facebook message: The transmitter in our city has been off the air for three days.  This was news to HCJB, who immediately went to investigate in person.  After fixing the transmitter and heading out of town, a taxi driver noticed the HCJB Global logo on their truck.  He rolled down his window and shouted: Thanks for getting the transmitter back on the air!

Thank goodness that listener who contacted HCJB believed his message would be received by a human -- and that's not by accident!  HCJB Global's staff is known for their dedication and commitment to serving people who need to meet Jesus.  In fact, their ministry extends beyond the radio and into healthcare -- a very hands-on part of what they do.  HCJB Global excels in human connection.

Each day, stations around the country bring this human connection to listeners through "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline -- a daily program that features stories of people being helped by humans -- real, ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the name of Jesus. 

Learn more about airing "Beyond the Call"!

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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