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Joni and Friends® - Are You Ready?

Joni at BiolaLast weekend, when Joni addressed the graduating students at Biola University, my own Alma Mater, she started with, "Are you ready?"

There's a loaded question.  Ready to graduate?  Ready to venture into a whole new world?  Ready to serve Christ like never before?  Ready to never have a summer vacation again?

The question hit me hard.  Am I ready?  My first reaction was to ask, "For what?" - then I realized, that's the point.  It brought to light the fact that I've been searching for something for awhile.  There have been many changes to life this past year - including my church no longer having a choir - a place where I served for the last six years.  That was my purpose, my Call, my ministry.  Now what?  What would I do?  How would I contribute?   I didn't know where to start or how to find it - until Joni opened with the question, "Are you ready?"

Suddenly, it hit me.  If we are willing, God will find us.  We don't always have to squint our eyes in the sun, wondering if we'll see the green flash - sometimes God shades us from the glare so we can rest in Him - as He guides us to our next adventure in life.

Are you ready?  Yes, I am.  Ahh, the peace in that is like a gentle breeze on a warm summer evening.   

Clink on this link to hear Joni's powerful message!


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