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God Sightings

Life can become so mundane, but if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walk with Him, you're bound to come across a "God sighting" that brings a sparkle!  My seven-year-old daughter learned about how to spot a God sighting while attending VBS this summer.

Jessica told us all about how God "shows up" - in a sunset, a rainbow, our friends and family; it's a moment or a season when we know that God is reaching out to us.

It's been my experience that God sightings usually happen when we particularly need help or reassurance from God.   (As a mom, I could use these daily!)  Well, we experienced a HUGE God sighting recently when Jessica shared that she had asked Jesus into her heart!  Obviously, a thrilling moment for us and an answer to our prayers for her!

Whether at work or at home, I hope that this story serves as an encouragement to you that our work in the Lord is not in vain.  As we serve in the church (perhaps as a volunteer at VBS!), at a ministry, or in the community, don't lose sight that God is at work, even bringing the little ones to Him.

When we asked Jessica about her new commitment, she responded, "well, I just LOVE Jesus!"  God "showed up" by using her words to remind me what it's all about.

On the lookout for God sightings,

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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