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Guarding Your Worldview

Chuck Colson and Mark EarleyA worldview isn't something that's separate from the rest of our lives. It's not a "religious" conviction that we hold, but never do anything about. It's not an "opinion" that we believe but keep private. It's our core view of reality that dictates our actions, words and character. That's why it matters so much!

Chuck Colson and Mark Earley are committed to helping people understand the far reaching implications for worldviews. From politics to education, from family vacation choices to community events, our worldview is central to every decision we'll make. If our worldview is off--our actions will be also. It doesn't matter how closer you are to the truth...if it's not actually the truth, everything else will be off.

If you play an instrument, you know what I'm talking about. If you begin playing the composition one note off, the entire piece is going to sound wrong. It doesn't matter that you were close or almost right...it is still incorrect. And every note you continue to play from the wrong position will continue to be wrong.

"BreakPoint®" and "The Point®" are a great tool to check your worldview and make sure it's staying on track. With engaging content, Chuck and Mark challenge us to make sure what we say we believe is actually what's begin displayed in our lives. And if our actions are contradicting our "beliefs," it's time to check the worldview and make sure it's based on Truth found in Scripture.

There's a number of other resources provided that you may want to check and use to keep your worldview strong:

1. Chuck's Two Minute Warning: A great video that get's straight to the heart of the matter, Chuck Colson's candid style and respected insight can be found weekly right here.

2 .The Point® Blog: Continuing the conversations from the daily feature (and engaging in lots more), this blog is the place to go for the latest on worldview thoughts.

3.  The Colson Center: A worldview hub, this is the online place to come for worldview equipping.

4. Centurions Program: For in-depth worldview equipping, the Centurions program is designed for people to immerse themselves in understanding and developing a solid worldview (and then, helping others to do the same!)

With all that the culture is saying about truth, faith and life--it's more important than ever to guard your worldview and constantly work to strengthen it. Thank you for standing with Chuck Colson and Mark Earley as they help people do just that!


Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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