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The God Who Rescues

Enjoying a summer day at the beach watching the waves, I thought about life--   how the high and low points come crashing into our days - sometimes quickly and in such a big way, at other times, slowly and hardly noticeable.

As a large wave came crashing to the shore, I noticed the crew on the Life Guard Rescue boat watching the beach goers attentively and it made me wonder . . .  where do unbelievers go when the crashing waves of life hit and they need to be rescued?

The husband who was laid off and can't find employment. 

The teenager pushing the boundaries during his rebellious years.

The inmate sitting on death row. 

On her ministry site, Anne Graham Lotz shares about a woman on death row looking for reassurance of her forgiveness by God for her crimes . . . of her need to be rescued.  Anne spoke with her about the small holes as well as the large holes in the sand along the shore and asked the inmate what happened to the holes when the tide comes in.  As Anne shared, the inmate understood that "All the holes are covered equally by the water . . . "

Anne explains that God's forgiveness is like the tide that washes over all the "holes" of sins and covers all sins equally. 

As "Daily Light for Daily Living®" airs on stations across the United States and as Anne shares Scripture verses giving insight in to how it applies to personal life, it's the ministry's prayer that those who listen in their homes, in their cars or behind bars, will make the life-changing discovery that God's Word works-He rescues!

P.S.  Thank you for praying for Anne on August 28th she speaks at The Promise Keepers event in Orlando about igniting transformation!

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