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Don't Be the End of the Chain

Yesterday was a memorable day at Ambassador when we welcomed two wonderful women who love the Lord and each other!

What a privilege it was for me to sit-in on the conversation as Nancy Leigh DeMoss interviewed longtime friend and her former pastor's wife, Anne Ortlund.  They recorded a series of future programs for Revive Our Hearts on the topics of widowhood, aging gracefully, discipleship, and revival.

These ladies had a rich discussion that I can hardly wait for your listeners to hear!  A takeaway "nugget" for me was hearing Anne share with Nancy about the hundreds of young women she has discipled through the years and at the age of 86, she continues to disciple a small group annually.

They presented a call to women, a challenge, not to just take-in Bible study for themselves, but to take another step and share it with others.  To help lead the next generation.  It was a powerful statement when Anne said, "don't be the end of the chain, but cast a long shadow."

While the ministry of Revive Our Hearts offers a variety of resources to help women encourage others in their walk, I think the most fun is taking a group to a True Woman conference and experiencing it together.  Don't miss the opportunity to attend one of these events taking place this Fall!

Thank you for your partnership in sharing inspirational messages like the ones shared in our studio that will soon be broadcast on your station.

For details about upcoming "Revive Our Hearts" programs, the August promo packet is now available for downloading.

Also, click here for an updated listing of "Seeking Him" short feature titles.

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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