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The Value of Understanding Online Advertising

Online AdvertisingIt's all too easy to be whisked into the world of online advertising with Google Ads or Facebook or some other platform. Entering a few words, putting in a target URL and selecting demographics happens quickly. And then, Wa La--your Ad is live!

But here's the question: Have you been successful?

It's impossible to answer that question if the first step in your advertising adventure was skipped--setting the goals. Without goals, picking Ad phrases, URLS and demographics is easy--because there's no measurement or guide. But when you narrow in on what you're doing, your Ad elements become more specific. Yes, that does take more time. But, it also gives more results.

Knowing who you're trying to reach, why you're trying to reach them and what you're wanting them to do is essential. Without knowing those things, you'll certainly succeed in putting an Ad online...but you won't reach the goal you wanted--because your campaigns weren't optimized for your objective.

The world of online advertising is vast--that's why it's so easy to get into for beginners, and yet so complex that it takes strategic planning and training to be advanced in. If you're new or getting ready to start an online campaign, here's a check list to help you get started:

  • Define Your Objective and Audience
  • Create A Unique and Compelling Headline
  • Use Keywords in Your Ad That Target Your Objectives
  • Have a Distinct Call to Action
  • Optimize Your Ad's Landing Page
  • Select Demographics To Target Your Audience Selected Above

These are just a few tips for what you can do to help make your campaigns better. We didn't even cover campaign monitoring and analytics, other types of online advertising besides text based Ads or placement and targeting options. We'll definitely be sharing more about those in the future.

But we know you might have questions before our next post for online advertising. So feel free to drop us a note if you've got a question about this. We'd love to help!


Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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