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Packing up Poverty

John Rakis from WPHN meeting his Compassion sponsored child DavidWhat would it be like to share with people at your radio station or place of ministry what poverty really looks like, smells like and sounds like?  That's what a group of us recently sought out to do with the help of Compassion International.  New friends joined me from WCSG (Grand Rapids, MI), WPHN (Gaylord, MI) and WXML (Upper Sandusky, OH) on a journey to find poverty in Bolivia -- and poverty quickly found us!

Compassion International seeks to release children from poverty...in Jesus' name.  Our team knew well the ministry's motto, but would we be able to explain it to those back home?  To those listening on the radio?

During the week WCSG was calling-in "live" from Bolivia -- sharing our stories from the day and encouraging people to sponsor from the projects we visited.  John Rakis' story was one of them.  John (WPHN) decided to sponsor 10-year-old Brayan.  (Watch a video of this interview).  People heard how excited Brayan was to be sponsored and how surprised John was to learn Brayan had excitedly already written John his first sponsor letter.

Katie meeting Natalia her new Compassion sponsored childOne of my many moments came when I met Joanna, a former sponsored child.  Now at 21, because of Compassion's Leadership Development Program, Joanna is able to go to college.  Joanna wants to be a missionary and travel to India after becoming a dentist.  I was really grateful to hear Joanna's story about being a sponsored child -- especially since just one day earlier I met a "future Joanna" -- six year old Natalia, my new sponsored child (pictured).

I didn't find myself packing poverty when I was ready to leave.  In fact, there was nothing but room for hope in my suitcase -- hope that I found in the face of each child at every Compassion project.  I know that same hope is being shared with listeners of WCSG, WPHN and WXML

Will you share hope today?  Start with "Speak Up With Compassion®"!

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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