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Facing Life Head On

Brad Mattes receiving Emmy AwardUnlike the Christian radio industry, good TV programming is hard to come by.  Rarely are shows thought provoking and engaging at the same time.  It's been my experience that most TV shows use sex, drugs, violence or special effects as their main story line.

Brad Mattes, host of both "Life Issues®" and "Facing Life Head On", however, knows how to do both radio and TV well.  As the executive director of the Life Issues® Institute Brad interviews individuals and families on topics like abortion, adoption, disabilities, medical technologies, stem cell treatments and end-of-life care, Brad fuses education with entertainment while promoting the value of human life.  He knows that quality radio and TV shows do more than entertain - It invites the viewer to share in the real stories that can be both encouraging and heart-breaking at the same time. 

Recently Brad's TV program, "Facing Life Head On," was nominated for a prestigious Emmy Award.  When Brad learned the 2010 Regional Emmy Awards nomination, he said "Four years ago, we set out to produce a quality show that would touch the hearts and minds of people across America . . . We're honored to be considered for such a highly-competitive award." 

On July 31, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented Brad the Emmy statue, awarding "Facing Life Head On" as the "best of the best" in the interview and discussion category.  The program airs in more than 100 million homes across the US and Canada.  Brad dedicated the award to the "men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq who risk their lives and sometimes die to defend the freedoms we hold dear."

Brad brings the same Emmy award winning quality work to his daily 1:00 radio feature.  "Life Issues®" captures the passion and energy Brad has for the sanctity of life.  In this program Brad encourages and challenges listeners all across the US to be advocates of life as well. 

Thank you for partnering with Brad as he continues to bring the high caliber programing that touches both the hearts and minds of people across this great country.

Kiyong Kim


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