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The Art of Marriage

For more than three decades, FamilyLife has hosted live, hotel-based weekend marriage conferences for more than 2.5 million people in cities throughout the US.  Now, FamilyLife has created The Art of Marriage, a video based resource that makes it possible for hundreds of thousands of couples to hear the gospel and receive a biblical foundation for understanding God's purpose and plan for marriage.

My husband and I had the privilege of attending a special preview of The Art of Marriage along with FamilyLife staff members and several station partners.  We all enjoyed this six-session video event which started on Friday night and concluded Saturday afternoon, just as it's intended to be viewed. 

The Art of Marriage is a fresh approach where instead of content being delivered by a single person, a variety of methods are used to communicate the biblical content, such as interviews with pastors and Bible teachers, testimonies, animation, small group discussions, short films, and man-on-the-street interviews.


On February 11th, 2011, FamilyLife will launch The Art of Marriage nationwide.  We are praying for at least 1,000 churches or individuals to join in hosting an event that weekend.  We're also encouraging stations to participate in hosting an event in their area.  If you would like to see marriages healed and families given a new legacy in your community, visit FamilyLife.com/TheArtofMarriage to learn more about hosting an event.

Read what one of the attendees shared about the special preview event . . . 

"The Art of Marriage" was an entertaining, informative and spiritually encouraging means for us to invest in our marriage.  The content reaffirmed what we were doing right, but also challenged us to be inspired and even more intentional about investing in our relationship, not just for us, but for the legacy we leave with our family and friends.  Well done!  Your listeners will thank you for this!"

-Chris Lemke, Executive Director | Cornerstone University Radio (WCSG-FM) 

If you need additional information and are interested in coordinating a viewing for The Art of Marriage in your area, please let me know.  We would be happy to assist!

Jennifer Perez


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