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Abel's physical and emotional healing

Abel before surgery on the Africa MercyCan I share a story that came across my desk recently with you?

Abel, like most kids in his area, enjoyed playing soccer with his friends.  In fact, he was the goal keeper!  When his friends, however, decided to ride their bikes, he would be left behind.  This was because his leg bones were bent backward at his knees.  He couldn't ride a bicycle since it requires him to sit straight on the seat and push down on the pedals. 

Often ridiculed, Abel's outlook on life was very dark and his future uncertain.  His prospects, however, got much brighter when his parents heard on the radio that the Africa Mercy was coming to their country, Togo, and were offering free surgeries. Abel was taken in my Mercy Ships® and after three surgeries (two to straighten each leg and one plastic surgery on his knees) Abel finally had two straight legs.  Today, Abel can walk normally and even ride a bicycle!

Abel after surgery on the Africa MercyAbel's physical and emotional healing (http://www.mercyships.org/blog/entry/abel-dalome) began with the love and world-class medical care provided by the men and women on-board the Africa Mercy.  Taking time off from their jobs and lives in their home country, they volunteer on the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship to bring hope and healing to the poorest of the the poor.

This, however, is not the only setting in which healing is brought into lives.  In fact, you and I both are daily providing hope and healing to lives as we work together in the Christian radio industry.  We are ministers of the Word.  Whether you are hosting programming in the studio, manage the paperwork in the office, or handle all things technical, we are encouraging listeners by airing programs like Mercy Ship's daily 1:00 feature, "The Mercy Minute®."   As men and women listen to stories like Abel's transformation, they are encouraged to show mercy to others as well. 

We don't need to be in Togo, Africa to be a minister of God's love.  We can do that in our homes when we host our next door neighbor for a meal.  I find, however, that I appreciate the reminder of the ministry opportunities I have available before me.  That is why I love listening to "The Mercy Minute®."  It not only brightens my day with incredible stories of unapologetic grace and love, but it also challenges me to show mercy to others in the same way.

Kiyong Kim


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