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Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Garage  SaleWith the end of summer approaching, are you feeling a need to put away all of the summer items lying around, and bring some order back to your home?


When my children were young, summer’s end meant a count down to going back to school (finally!), and the time to clean out rooms and go through their clothes. 


Each Labor Day weekend we held a garage sale, and cleaned out the accumulated summer clutter, and old clothes.  The kids were allowed to keep the money from any toys they sold (a good incentive to eliminate excess toys too!).  The rest was put into the Christmas fund.  And, order was once again restored to my home! (Well, as much order as you can have with three kids!).


Being the organization expert, Emilie Barnes has some great suggestions for successful garage sales.  From planning a garage sale, to the actual day of the sale, here are some of Emilie’s tips that really help! 


Ø   Set your date

Saturday is usually best.  Advertise the time and location in the local paper – but don’t list your phone number.


Ø   Make signs

Use brightly colored poster board, print in large letters “Garage Sale,” the date, time, and address.  Post in prominent areas (using your own stakes). Remember to take these down after the sale.


Ø   Get your sale items together

Start collecting items weeks in advance.  Get rid of everything you really don’t use: old books, clothes, videos, kitchen gadgets.  You may want to invite neighbors to join your sale.  The more items you have the more people you will draw.


Ø   Organize your items

Display items in categories: toys in one area, books in another, etc.  Have an extension cord available to show that electric items work.


Ø   Set your prices

Keep your prices down. Remember, you want to get rid of items.  Show prices on cardboard in each area – for example, “books $1.00.”   Set prices in increments of 50 cents.  It’s easier to make change.  Use colored stickers with each seller’s name, so you can track who sold what.  Designate one person as cashier, so all money goes only through that person.  Make up some boxes of misc items, especially kids items, marked 10 cents, and 25 cents.  Kids love to buy things too!  When it’s over, don’t bring anything that didn’t sell back into the house or garage.  Donate it to a charity. 


After it’s over, you can relax, and enjoy your organized, clutter-free home!  That is, until next summer!


Keep listening to Emilie on Keep It Simple – it’s packed with time-saving and organizing ideas to help simplify your life! 


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador:  We connect.  Ministry and Media.


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