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Be the Moon: How to Reflect Your Listener

HCJB Global partnership to launch station in GhanaI came across a great quote from a new radio operator in Ghana.  This is what he said after receiving training from HCJB Global on how to effectively communicate to radio audiences:

"Through this training I now know that I am the moon (as a presenter) and my listener (my friend) is the sun, so my programs should always reflect my listener.  This training was tailored just for my needs."

Can you imagine thinking about such poetic imagery the next time you tune in -- or sit down behind a microphone?

While trying to be the moon, Christians in Ghana are definitely shooting for the moon.  One pastor recently saw a 35-year dream fulfilled with the help of HCJB Global.  What did he want?  A Christian radio station to reach his own people.  He wanted his people to hear about the same God he loved . . . the Creator of the moon and the sun.  When HCJB Global found out about this dream (33 years after it started!), they were quick to offer assistance.  You won't want to miss hearing a first-hand report of how this partnership went Beyond the Call to reach the remote community of Bolgatanga.

Are you going Beyond the Call today?

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

Hail to the Chief:  See Wayne Pederson's new wardrobe after being named "Co-Chief" of a local village in Ghana.  [Watch Wayne's Report]

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