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Why Should I Believe in the Bible?

We have various Bibles in our home ... NKJ, NIV, NASB and even one in contemporary language.  My favorite though is a study Bible that was given to me by the Ambassador team in July 1996, when I left to join my husband in Okinawa where he was serving in the Marine Corps.  Being a fairly new Christian at the time, married only a year, with a 12 year old son ... that Bible became my stronghold during some very challenging days.  But through the years it has also become instruction, nourishment, and encouragement in my life and walk with Christ. 

So why don't more people believe and trust in the Word of God?  I've been amazed at how even some Christians express doubts about the relevancy of Scripture.  Well fortunately, John MacArthur is Making a Case for the Bible, by helping "Grace to You®" listeners know why they believe what they believe, and instill in them a deeper confidence in the truth of God's Word so when confronted with the question "Why should I believe in the Bible?" -- they can provide a convincing answer.

Making a Case for the Bible airs September 13-24, followed by How to Study the Bible. 

There's a reason why John MacArthur devotes three weeks this month in exploring the vital aspects of the Word of God -- it coincides with the release of the classic MacArthur Study Bible in the English Standard Version (ESV).  Watch the video to hear why John believes the ESV is the best translation to date ...

Hmmm ... this might become my new favorite study Bible! 


Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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