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Joni and Friends® - Seeing Stars

Joni and KenWhen I was little, I would gaze at the night sky. Shooting stars, the Milky Way, constellations - we could see it all from our backyard.

I remember thinking how small I was and how expansive everything else seemed to be. The world, and just how big it was, was lost on the 8th grader with braces and glasses and a pint-size view of life.

And now that I'm an adult (for the most part), the world still seems big. Vast. Enormous. Which makes the impact Joni and Friends® is having around the globe so truly amazing!

Joni was just interviewed by Al Karma TV which serves an Arabic speaking audience. A Wheels for the World team has just returned from Ghana and another team is taking a second trip in September. Teams are also headed to Ukraine and Cuba and right now, an International Family Retreat is taking place in Romania to specifically serve children and families affected by Autism.

Joni and Friends® is making a global dent in the world of disability.

I still love to gaze at the stars at night. Only this time, I look up knowing that someone, somewhere on the other side of the world who sees the same stars, might be forever changed, both spiritually and physically, because of the ministry of Joni and Friends®.

Seeing the same stars. Knowing the same God. Impacted by the same ministry.

Maybe the world isn't so big after all.


Click here to read Joni's blog and learn the latest on ministry news as well as with her battle with breast cancer and remember to be praying for Joni and all the Joni and Friends® traveling teams.

AND, if you'd like to leave a personal message for Joni, encouraging her in her journey, call (949) 681-7646. She would love to hear from you!

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