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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Igniting a Movement

There are days when trying to be a godly woman and living counter-culturally can feel like salmon swimming upstream.  It’s a constant battle to stay “up” against a powerful force – a culture that says it’s okay to give up and give in to what feels good at the moment.

In serving the ministry of Revive Our Hearts, it’s very encouraging when you read a listener email from a young woman whose life illustrates the change God can bring about through the daily broadcast and the True Woman Movement.  I hope her words will encourage you, too:

Over ...

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Where Your Choices Collide With Worldview

Coffee CupIt's too easy for me. The choice to keep my faith a "personal belief" while not allowing it to impact my relationships, conversations and choices is so easy. After all, that's what culture is dictating faith should be. Once it becomes something that saturates every facet of who you are, you become a fanatic.

Recently while having coffee with a "fanatic" I realized, if that's what being a fanatic is...I want to be one too!

She's not who you would expect to have rocked my world.  She was quiet and petite. But the most outstanding ...

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Let's Change The World!

Max Lucado in EthiopiaWe can be the change we want to see in the world.

Last Thursday, pastor Max Lucado shared his extraordinary plan to outlive his life with pastors all across the U.S. over a conference call.  Expressing that one of his personal goals is to see 25,000 children living in poverty sponsored, he invited the pastors and their congregation to help him by attending the "Make A Difference Tour."  Max will be joined on the nationwide 20-city tour by Toby Mac, Third Day and Michael W. Smith.

Max's new book, "Outlive Your Life," is a powerful study on ...

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More than a Spectator

I heard from both my son and my daughter's soccer coaches this week regarding their first team practice. In addition to noting the dates on the calendar, I also note it's time to break out the stadium chairs, the coolers and sun umbrellas to get myself ready for soccer season.  While I won't be spending time on the field, I will be a part of the team . . . as a spectator on the sidelines.

In a upcoming "Daily Light for Daily Living®," Anne Graham Lotz reminds us that while being a spectator at sporting events is an important ...

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After the Vacation . . .

  • Monday, August 23, 2010
  • Lee Ann Jackson
  • Insights

Just back from a week vacation with my children at Hume Lake in the Sequoia National Forest . . . someone said that if you return from a vacation as happy as you left, then it was a good vacation.  Mine was pure joy.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have enjoyed leisurely days with my children riding bikes around the lake, gazing at the magnificent stars in the clear night sky and marveling at the majesty of the Sequoia trees. 

As I look at the pictures we took of the incredible Sequoia trees though, I wonder . . . beyond building happy family ...

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Ends The Same

Take your best guess and leave your answers below! :)

1-Once in everyone's Kodak.

2-David's forte.

3-For the poor.

4-Where the sea captain stands.

5-What we find in Gilead.

6-The King's dominion.

7-Street for nightmares.

8-Mortician's assignment.

9-Famous beach in FL and Ecuador.

10-Do this ... and ... carry on.

BTW...if you'd like to check your answers, just email Peggy for them!


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