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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Becoming an EX, Surrendered to the Lord

This past weekend at the True Woman '10 Conference in Indianapolis, over 6,000 women (including 400 teenage girls!) said "Yes, Lord," waving their white flag of surrender and embracing God's call on their lives.

One of my favorite stories from the conference was the group of women who came wearing brightly colored T-shirts, each labeled with a different "EX" statement such as:





And EX-Coward (as seen in this picture, speaking with conference emcee, Bob Lepine)

What a visible statement these women made as a reflection of the work that God has done in their ...

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What in the World Do I Want?

  • Tuesday, September 28, 2010
  • Michelle Blood
  • Insights

That was the question Crawford Loritts asked over 6,000 women to consider at the start of the True Woman conference in Indianapolis this past Thursday.  While his message to us (from 1 John 2:15-17) was to "be in the world but not of the world" ... it's actually a question that has been on my mind for sometime.  I suspect that's why God placed it on my heart to attend this True Woman conference ... and to invite my sister-in-law to join me.

Over three years ago, I moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It was an honest response to ...

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Blind Trust

Africa Mercy CrewThere is a trust exercise I did once.  You might know it as well.  It involved being blindfolded and walking around an obstacle course, trusting only the directions of a friend.  Although the primary focus was on building trust with one another, it also revealed just how challenging it is to not be able to see.  Without my sight, I didn't have the confidence to walk forward.  Fear captivated me as I felt helpless.  I felt so relieved when I was able to take the blindfold off and do things on my own again.

Vision is such an important ...

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What Kind of Legacy Am I Leaving?

Have I done enough to impart a godly legacy? 

Will the sins of my past mar that legacy? 

Having just returned from the True Woman conference in Indianapolis, I feel certain many women found themselves asking these very questions.  I sure did.  The reality that we all leave a legacy behind - good or bad - was enough for us to stop and ask "What can I do today to leave a godly legacy?"

"FamilyLife Today," (a ministry partner of True Woman) presents a timely series of broadcasts in October on The Profound Power of a Legacy.  Over two weeks (10/4-10 ...

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Benefitting from Life's Trials

When you're in the midst of a difficult season of life - mourning the loss of a loved one, experiencing long term unemployment, reeling from a fractured relationship, or facing serious health issues - it's not always easy to rest in the psalm ... "but joy comes in the morning." 

That's why listeners searching for ways to cope with - or survive - life's toughest moments will want to tune in to hear John MacArthur  share a powerful study on Benefitting from Life's Trials.  This series of messages reveals God's plan for us to actually thrive and experience joy ...

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Get up and go...with Beyond the Call!

HCJB Global Vision Journeys with Ron Cline

HCJB Global is inviting people to discover their mission by experiencing today's modern missions.  Ron Cline, the voice behind HCJB Global's "Beyond the Call" is hosting three special "Vision Journeys" in 2011.

Each day Ron Cline shares stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the Kingdom.  Now, listeners will have the opportunity to have a first-hand encounter with Kingdom work by attending a Floating Missions Conference, participating in ministry in Ecuador or walking in the steps of Jesus in a Holy Land tour.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect listeners with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to widen ...

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