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Joni and Friends®— Half Squashed

Mustard SeedsA faith like a mustard seed. That's all it takes. Do you know how small that is? It's like the size of... a really small...seed (for lack of a better example).

How can something so small be so hard to grasp?

Faith adventures, as I like to call them, are all around us. Recently, I've been more aware than ever of these journeys.

Joni has gracefully lived with quadriplegia for much of her life - only now to also be fully engulfed in a battle fighting breast cancer.

Jake Olson is a 12 year old who, after eight bouts with cancer since the age of one, has now lost his sight due to retnal blastoma.

After one full year, my husband is still one of 6.2 million Americans who are struggling with the stress and extreme financial hardship of long-term unemployment.

There are times when I don't think I can hang on another day. Months go by, interviews are done, nothing transpires - and each time, my seed gets gnawed on by fear, sadness and anxiety.  My faith has been tested to the core and at times there's nothing left of my little half squashed seed. Isn't that how we feel sometimes? Half squashed, barely there, no hope.

But then, the faith adventures of Joni and Jake remind me that being half squashed is part of the journey - it's what we do with our "squashed-ness" that makes all the difference. Do we run to the Father or do we run away?

Over time, there is less squash and more seed. I heard someone say a faith that cannot be shaken is a faith that has been shaken. That makes sense, right? The more we endure, the more we persevere - the bigger the seed.

Take a look at these videos from Joni and Jake, and while these are just snapshots of their ongoing faith adventures, you can clearly see that they have chosen to run straight into the Father's arms.

Half squashed and all.

Anna Sinclair

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