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Dancing With Max

Dancing with Max with Chuck Colson"This former Nixon hatchet man has learned more about love from Max than from anyone else."--Chuck Colson

Grandparents are proud people--give them a chance, and they'll regale you with pictures and anecdotes of from their grandchildren. So, it didn't surprise me when Chuck Colson shared how much he loves his grandson Max or what a great time he has when they hang out. But what did surprise me was the depth of inspiration and impact Max has had--not only on Chuck Colson but on everyone who knows him.

"Dancing with Max" is the book just released that shares this powerful story--it's about Emily, Chuck's daughter, and the journey of raising an autistic son as a single parent. And for Chuck's contribution--he's said it's some of the most personal writing he's done since Born Again.

Candidly, Emily isn't sharing the story of Max simply because he's an amazing young man (though he is!). She's sharing it so others who are facing similar situations know they're not alone. But a great bi-product for those of us who may not be in the same situation is that this is a story inspires all of us--because there's lessons for everyone: not matter what stage, age or season of life you may be in.

If you don't know Max, here's a little of what Emily has seen about him that makes him so unique, so impactful...so amazing to those that have the joy of knowing him

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The past three days Chuck Colson shared about Max (if you missed it, check out the commentaries at BreakPoint®'s site). And, don't miss today's touching broadcast!

Max's story is a testimony to the power and value of life. While his story tugs at heart strings...it also demands a serious evaluation of worldview. If society continues to evaluate the value of a person's life based on their physical abilities, we'll have the potential to lose the opportunity to know incredible people like Max. If you didn't see the 2 Minute Warning video this past week where Chuck explains this, check it out now. You'll be glad you did!


If you want to get your own copy of "Dancing with Max"...just click here for more details.

BreakPoint® studiosThe Ambassador team (Peggy Campbell, Jim Sanders, Bill Reitler and Carolyn Kim) also had the privilege to join the team at BreakPoint® for a great day of planning and strategizing...and, I got to see Washington D.C. for the first time! It was amazing!

In the picture you can see Steve Bradford, David Carlson, Jim Sanders and Bill Reitler checking out the recording studio at BreakPoint®.

Thanks for your continued partnership!

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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