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What Kind of Legacy Am I Leaving?

Have I done enough to impart a godly legacy? 

Will the sins of my past mar that legacy? 

Having just returned from the True Woman conference in Indianapolis, I feel certain many women found themselves asking these very questions.  I sure did.  The reality that we all leave a legacy behind - good or bad - was enough for us to stop and ask "What can I do today to leave a godly legacy?"

"FamilyLife Today," (a ministry partner of True Woman) presents a timely series of broadcasts in October on The Profound Power of a Legacy.  Over two weeks (10/4-10/15), Dennis Rainey helps listeners discover ...

  • Three gifts we can intentionally leave our children.
  • The components of a legacy that requires we ask ourselves: Where's our focus? Who is our master? Who do we love?
  • What it means to model love, respect, and honor for parents in front of our sons and daughters.
  • How we can leave a legacy even if we have no children.
  • The choices we can make to allow our "valleys" to help us not hinder us.
  • Our legacy is the result of the decisions we make over a lifetime.

And for every True Woman to remember ...

  • It's not how we start but how we finish our legacy that matters.

Yes, Lord!


Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry & Media.


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