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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Joni and Friends®— Half Squashed

Mustard SeedsA faith like a mustard seed. That's all it takes. Do you know how small that is? It's like the size of... a really small...seed (for lack of a better example).

How can something so small be so hard to grasp?

Faith adventures, as I like to call them, are all around us. Recently, I've been more aware than ever of these journeys.

Joni has gracefully lived with quadriplegia for much of her life - only now to also be fully engulfed in a battle fighting breast cancer.

Jake Olson is a 12 year old who, after ...

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Back to School with Compassion

Back to School with Compassion InternationalThis Fall, nearly 49.4 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools.  An additional 5.8 million students are expected to attend private schools.

How many of these 55.2 million students are listening to your Christian radio station on their way to school? 

Many that are will be getting a different kind of education as they tune in to life-changing programming and uplifting music.  Here's something else to add to the mix during this back-to-school season . . . Back to School features from Compassion International.

We've selected 10 of the best 1:00 short features where kids ...

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Haiti or Bust

haitiIt seems like yesterday I was recording with Charles Morris (HAVEN Today) and Dick Snook (Missionary Flights International) in the aftermath of the Earthquake in Haiti.  The devastation was rampant ... the destruction cataclysmic ... the mobilization of the people of God miraculous.

News cycles have come and gone, Haiti is no longer in the headlines, but the suffering remains and the needs are still great.  That is why Charles Morris is going to Haiti at the end of this week. We kept you up to date during the tragedy and we are certain you and your listeners want to know what ...

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  • Friday, September 10, 2010
  • Peggy Campbell
  • Just 4 Fun!

1)  Mink, pea, rain, over ... to ... Barbary, Newport, East, West. 

2)  Valentine symbols ... to ... kidnapped heiress. 

3)  What Gideon pleaded for ... to ... what the angels did for the shepherds. 

4)  One of the Beach Boys ... to ... who had no XX.  JK.  To ... cerebellum. 

5)  New England Bake ... to ... peace. 

6)  Record of personal history ... to ... cow-ville. 

7)  Coke or Pepsi ... to ... WV product. 

8)  Oregon's Lake ... to ... Prez Jimmy. 

9)  Kunta Kinte ... to ... Burt's Bees. 

10) Anti-perspirant ... to ... anti-ants.

Looking for the answers? Ask Peggy!

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The 60th Anniversary “Hour of Decision®” Broadcast!

My father was a believer . . .  though he was not very open about it.  In fact, he wasn't very open about a lot - he was born in 1923-fought in World War II (that's him on the right at 18!) and lived through the depression.  It was a generation that kept a lot inside.  But  . . . my dad talked about Billy Graham.  

It was during his time in Panama when he first heard Billy Graham preach and he never forgot it.  He appreciated his strong conviction and commitment to the Gospel.  

It's that same commitment to the Gospel listeners hear ...

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Might Be My Name . . .

... but I am not one.

1-Baseball Hall of Famer--NOT.

2-Designer of trendy accessories.

3-Taking a sabbatical--good thing he didn't start on radio, maybe.

4-Lives in Neverland.

5-While protecting a Witness, did some barn-raising.

6-And did some clandestine dancing to this soul man's wonderful music.


8-He liked it hot.

9-Drummer ... oh, maybe he is his name.

10-With or without "W."


Looking for the answers? Email Peggy!

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