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With 50 years of experience, we "get" that things are always changing! That's why we've dedicated a section of our website to provide the very latest information about the speakers and ministries we serve--and about us, too. Come take a look at "what's new"--or use the sidebar options to take a deeper look at areas of particular interest. In case you wonder what we think, we've dedicated a space for commentary (including guest posts). And take a look at who's been to Ambassador lately in our own version of the Greenroom!

Share A Thought About Your Dad

Father's Day


'Tis the season.  No, not that one ... although most of us might feel as busy now as we do at Christmas.  Let's see -- graduations, bridal showers, weddings, summer vacation plans ... oh yes, and Father's Day!  We asked the Ambassador team to share a thought about their dads at our website -- we'd love to have your input too!  And ... if you happen to be a dad -- hope your Sunday is as special as your family thinks you are!  Blessings!

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Defining Moments

BaseballDefining moments show up with no announcement.  Unexpectedly receiving an opportunity, some people are pulled into a position of influence and distinction. On rare occasions, those moments are grasped in such a way that ripples are sent through history, impacting culture in ways that simply cannot be planned. That's exactly what happened last week.

Chuck Colson explains this incredible moment, found in the setting of "America's Favorite Pastime" :

As most of the world knows by now, Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers was one out away from throwing the 21st perfect game in Major League Baseball history. With ...

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Joni and Friends® - Are You Ready?

Joni at BiolaLast weekend, when Joni addressed the graduating students at Biola University, my own Alma Mater, she started with, "Are you ready?"

There's a loaded question.  Ready to graduate?  Ready to venture into a whole new world?  Ready to serve Christ like never before?  Ready to never have a summer vacation again?

The question hit me hard.  Am I ready?  My first reaction was to ask, "For what?" - then I realized, that's the point.  It brought to light the fact that I've been searching for something for awhile.  There have been many changes to life this past year ...

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Some things simply must not be convenient

Vending MachinesVending machines are convenient.  They provide you with the soda and chips you've been craving all day.  They now also dispense DVD's, fresh flower bouquets, and even a pre-heated kosher hot dog! It's incredible! They are open 24/7 and are there to help you in case you get hungry or bored (or both!) at three in the morning.

Unfortunately, I recently learned of some some vending machines that aren't as friendly.  Brad Mattes, host of the daily 1:00 Life Issues®, shared that there are vending machines in Iowa that dispense the chemical abortion RU ...

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John Wooden--Lessons Off the Court

  • Friday, June 4, 2010
  • Lee Ann Jackson
  • Insights

My son's 8th grade graduation is tonight - hard to believe.   It really just doesn't seem possible. 

As my melancholy heart considers the close of one chapter in my young son's life and the dawn of a new season, I learned of the grave condition of John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach.  He's now 99 years old.  He was admitted to the hospital this week due to dehydration.  

Recalling my days of watching UCLA basketball as a Bruin undergrad, it was there when I first learned of the legendary Coach Wooden.   Though he had long retired ...

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"Donut Girls"--it may not be PC, but it works for me!

  • Thursday, June 3, 2010
  • Evelyn Gibson
  • Insights

Donut and CoffeeIf you're serving up donuts, count me in!  Make it a chocolate splashed old-fashioned.

Friday is National Donut Day and the "Donut Girls" were women of the Salvation Army.  They didn't create the first donut, but they popularized the serving of "coffee and donuts." It was part of their effort to "bring a bit of home" to U.S. troops serving in France during World War 1.

Here at Ambassador every Friday is Donut Day! 

It's not a pretty sight when Jim Sanders drives into the parking lot with the "weekly dough" and a drooling staff runs ...

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