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With 50 years of experience, we "get" that things are always changing! That's why we've dedicated a section of our website to provide the very latest information about the speakers and ministries we serve--and about us, too. Come take a look at "what's new"--or use the sidebar options to take a deeper look at areas of particular interest. In case you wonder what we think, we've dedicated a space for commentary (including guest posts). And take a look at who's been to Ambassador lately in our own version of the Greenroom!

What is a True Woman?

Nancy Leigh DeMoss would say that a true woman is "tethered to the Word of God" and acknowledges that women can't do it all on their own.

The ministry of Revive Our Hearts just concluded their year of True Woman '10 Conferences drawing in more than 12,000 women in total attendance.

In addition to Nancy, these ladies heard from Crawford & Karen Loritts, James MacDonald, Kay Arthur, Mary Kassian and others who shared out of their own personal journey with the Lord.  Each stressed the importance of living biblically in these critical times, acknowledging that "now is the time ...

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The Clash of Faith and Culture: Election 2010

VoteFor many, it's not just a regular voting season--it's a history defining, country shaping, future impacting vote. And with so much of the nation focusing on November 2, Chuck Colson is making sure your listeners understand the worldview within the arena of politics. It's a clash of faith and culture.

In a 26:00 program, Chuck Colson explores the trends of this political season in relation to our faith--it's not simply a candidate, proposition or regulation. It's an opportunity for us to put into practice our worldview in this country. That's what it all ...

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Sharing the "good" message!

"Good" (hao) = Mother and ChildAs a child, I was forced to learn Chinese characters.  My parents told me that it would be "good for me." Little did I know what they really meant! Knowing some of the basic Chinese characters was beneficial not only for understanding the language, but it helped me understand the Chinese (and by extension the Korean) culture. 

You may have already known this, but some Chinese characters were developed in a pictographic form - the characters looked like the object they represented.  For example, the character for 'fire', 火, is a pictographic representation of two flames above a pair of logs ...

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Jesus Over All

How do you convince a non-believer today that Jesus was God? Over 2,000 years ago there were many people who watched Him heal the sick, raise the dead, and subdue demons ... yet they didn't believe! 

This month, John MacArthur shares with listeners four compelling accounts from the Gospel of Mark that explain the purpose behind Jesus' amazing displays of power and what His miracles then have to do with how we minister to others today.  It's a new two-week study that makes the case that Jesus is, indeed, over all (airs November 8-19).

Of course, be sure ...

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Anne Graham Lotz on Thanksgiving

My brother called this weekend to ask about Thanksgiving plans.  

Thanksgiving plans? But it's only October.  

But as we started to talk through realities-school schedules, children's sporting events, work and my trip to Africa the last week of November, I realized, that actually, it's not too early to start talking about Thanksgiving. 

In fact, as I listened to the two Thanksgiving radio features Anne Graham Lotz recently recorded, I appreciated the reminder that "thanksgiving" is something we need to be mindful about all year long!

"Our gratitude to God isn't meant to be measured out once ...

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Just have to say ... nothing like music from the 60s!

1)  Tortoises

2)  Bovine window ledges

3)  Gypsy's prognostications

4)  Shore lads

5)  Mothers and fathers

6)  Devil's enticements

7)  Portals

8)  Organization of people with common purpose

9)  Summer, winter, fall, spring

10) Revolving rocks 



Not sure? Ask Peggy for the answers!

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