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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  Are you setting any New Year's resolutions? jankis

A new year and a fresh start are great encouragements to take a look at areas in our lives that need some improvement.  

But, after a few weeks, or even days, most people go back to their old habits, feeling discouraged that they failed again and can't keep their resolutions.  

Instead of setting short-lived resolutions, Emilie Barnes encourages us to set realistic goals.  If you have a plan, there's more probability your goals will be achieved.  

Here are a few examples of failed resolutions that can be turned into achievable goals:

Want to lose weight? Set a small goal. You can lose 1- 2 pounds a month with a little more walking and watching what you eat. By this time next year, you can be 12-24 pounds lighter! 

Do you want less clutter around the house? Use Emilie's 15-minutes a day method for organizing. Just spend 15-minutes cleaning an area, then move on to the next spot.

Need to save more money? Pay yourself as though you were a bill. Put it into a separate account so you aren't so willing to spend it.

Emilie Barnes has said many times on KEEP IT SIMPLE that "A goal is simply a dream with a deadline."  Write out your goals, make up some plans, and you're on your way to accomplishing your dreams! 

Sheri Cooper

Ambassador Advertising

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