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Your 2011 Bucket List

Your 2011 Bucket List


Charles F. Kettering said, "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."  That being said, if 2011 is what is ahead of us, then where do our interests lie?  We asked a few friends what's on their 2011 "bucket list."  Take a look and then tell us what's on yours!

"2011 begins with an increased level of excitement for those of us at Mercy Ships®.  We have just completed a shipyard upgrade of key systems onboard the Africa Mercy.  During the last three years of service with our new flagship, we have seen our ability to serve the poor and increase medical capacity expand to record levels in relation to people impacted by our services.  These new systems, combined with an enhancement of our capacity building programs, will allow our Volunteers to leave an even larger footprint for those that we serve.  Our 2011 Field Service in Sierra Leone will begin in February and continue through mid December."

Samuel T. Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Mercy Ships®

"Recreationally, to take my motorcycle and my wife and ride for a month across the fruited plain, to see it all from the seat of my Suzuki!  Spiritually, to see AFR used to lead 5,000 people to Christ, add 8 more radio stations (gets the total to 200) and document many more social arena victories for the Glory of the Master!"

Dr. Buster Wilson
General Manager Radio Networks
American Family Radio

"To make sure there is someone, in place, to take WHEM (FM) to the next level in glorifying Christ."

Harlan Reinders
Eau Claire, WI




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