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Be Ready to be Interrupted

HCJB Global responds to Haiti disasterWhen your day is interrupted, how do you respond?  I'll tell you how a large ministry like HCJB Global responds, but first -- consider your reaction when you are:

  • Interrupted by a jury summons, overflowing washing machine, spilled coffee.
  • Interrupted by someone else's needs, concerns, lack of planning.
  • Interrupted by a child's disobedience, car accident, diagnosis.

Of course, there are welcome interruptions (like a co-worker stopping by your desk with a candy bar) -- but the ones we're most familiar with usually cause us to loathe the source of the disruption in our day, in our life.

How can we go "Beyond the Call" (as Ron Cline encourages us to do) when life often seems to be filled with one interruption after another?

A few weeks ago we remembered Haiti on the anniversary of the quake.  News of this horrific event interrupted all of our lives with thoughts of concern and hearts full of prayer.  As listeners to "Beyond the Call" heard on the program the week of the anniversary, HCJB Global responded to the news of Haiti by eagerly interrupting their own lives to help where needed.  The ministry's president, Wayne Pederson, shares:

Within three days of the initial quake, our team of doctors, surgeons, nurses and community development workers arrived at the Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital outside of Port-au-Prince, tending to the massive physical and medical needs of the people injured or maimed by the quake. Working alongside the team from Samaritan's Purse, lives were being saved by the medical professionals, and souls were being saved by the work of counselors from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

During the past year, six medical teams from Ecuador have gone to Haiti to help with medical care, community development and clean water. The most recent teams helped save literally thousands of lives infected by the terrible cholera plague.

HCJB Global not only plans for these "life interruptions" -- they're ready for them!  They also make it a practice to collect stories of those who choose to go "Beyond the Call" when presented with an unexpected challenge.  Those stories are shared each day by Ron Cline.  Stories like:

  • A woman in her fifties who discovers a single mom in need and starts a fund to help families going through hard times.
  • Kids who start a coin drive to help a classmate going through cancer treatment.
  • An engineer who takes a month out of the year to help build water wells in Africa.

Are you interruptible?  What about your listeners?  Are they hearing stories of those who go "Beyond the Call" when presented with "life interruptions"?

I hope so, but please -- don't let me interrupt you!

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

P.S. Thinking about ways to bring the needs of the world to your listeners?  Coming to NRB?  If the answer is "yes" to both, please let me know so I can connect you with HCJB Global at the convention.

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