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A "Slave" for Christ

Slave by John MacArthurWith NRB quickly approaching, I'm reminded of the Sunday morning worship message John MacArthur gave in 2009.  It was the first time I had heard the Greek word "Dulous" used - translated means slave - to identify us as followers of Jesus Christ!  What a revelation that was for me ... and I believe thousands of attendees who heard that same message. 

Coinciding with the release of his new book Slave, John MacArthur delivers again a compelling message on this subject.  Understandably, for many folks the very word slave is an offensive term but in his three day series "Slaves for Christ" (airing February 14-16), John takes listeners deep inside the slave-master relationship, shedding light on and adding clarity to our relationship with God.  It's actually John's prayer that this study will help all see "...the riches of your salvation in a radically new way!"

Encourage listeners to tune in.  And be sure to let them know what else is coming up on "Grace to You®" in February.  Find all the details by downloading the promo pack now.  For more information on the new book, visit GTY.org.


Are you headed to NRB Nashville this year?  If so, be sure to stop by Presidential Boardroom A and say hi!  We'll have some famous white chocolate waiting for you! 


Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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I will be at NRB from February 26-28 and I will look forward to seing everyone.

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