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Keeping a Heavenly Focus

UpWords® Pink BalloonsIt was a very different Christmas celebration than what we had originally anticipated.  Grandma Wallace was a wonderful example of Christ's love . . . and it was the first time we weren't able to spend Christmas with her.

Grandma lived a life worth living.  As we shared our stories, it was clear that her incredible love for others overflowed from her deep relationship with God.  It was no mistake that we all set our eyes toward Heaven in celebration of her life well-lived.

I too want to live well.  This is exactly what UpWords® with Max Lucado is all about.  Max wants to point us in the right direction and keep our eyes heaven bound, knowing that we need to set our trust in God alone.

Thank you for sharing the "UpWords®" message that keeps me focused on the important things in life!  I pray that we'll all continue to keep our sights on Him until we too are on the other side of eternity.

KiYong Kim

Ambassador Advertising Agency

We Connect. Ministry and Media

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