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IMPORTANT BreakPoint® Announcement

John Stonestreet The Point®A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world.

For more than 20 years, Chuck Colson has been sharing the need for a Christian worldview with thousands of listeners on each day's edition of BreakPoint®.  To amplify that, three years ago, The Point® launched, affording stations the option of an abbreviated (1:00) worldview message.

Initially anchored by Mark Earley (former President of Prison Fellowship) who's voice was so appreciated, we are pleased to tell you that beginning Monday, March 7, a new voice will move into the speaker role for the short feature.

Longtime colleague of BreakPoint®, John Stonestreet has been invited to serve as National Director of the Colson Center.  And part of this assignment will be to share his contemporary and timely insights on the biblical worldview on The Point® each day.

Chuck Colson has said about John:  "John Stonestreet is one of the brightest young minds I've ever encountered in the Christian world. He has that rare combination of being a deep worldview thinker and a spectacularly gifted communicator."

And at Ambassador, we're particularly pleased because this means the opportunity to provide even more timely commentary-and insights from a "next generation" of deep thinkers that we know your listeners will find especially helpful.

We know you'll want to get better acquainted with John as he comes to join your station line-up.  Here are a couple ways to do that immediately:

  • And ... meet him in person!  We're thrilled that John and the Colson Center crew will be at NRB this year - we want to invite you to greet John one-on-one at a morning session  Monday (2/28) at 7:45 AM in our AAA Hospitality Suite (Presidential Boardroom A).  Please RSVP with Carolyn Kim at carolyn@ambaa.com.

We knew immediately that John would be ideal to deliver these powerful features...we know when you meet him, you'll feel the same. To give you a taste of what John's heart beat is, here's what he says about the importance of a Christian worldview:

" To follow Christ fully, we must love what He loves, think how He thinks, be passionate about what He is passionate about, and recognize the reach of His Lordship into all aspects of our lives and cultures. This is the essence of Christian worldview."

A family man, John has three daughters and has been married for 8 years. He's also immersed in engaging the culture and illumination a Biblical worldview in venues around the country.

Thanks so much for your partnership and we're excited for the days ahead!

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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PS--don't forget to mark your calendar. Monday (Feb. 28) at 7:45 AM. RSVP today and I'll make sure your name is on the list!


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