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Doing the Right Thing!


Doing The Right Thing Chuck ColsonDoing the right thing and the Colson Center tour of the same name, is exactly what Chuck Colson and a panel of leading ethicists, theologians and other scholars did on Saturday on the Campus of Biola University.

I listened with rapt attention to speaker after speaker over a three-hour time period as they spoke to the ethical and moral breakdown bombarding our culture from every side.  It was stunning in its scope and its challenge!

Chuck Colson, through his Colson Center legacy, wants to provide people like me--that same challenge to raise ethical questions and issues in what he calls a "non-condemning, challenging way!"  To speak the language of the culture, to defend the Christian faith in every area of life.

Chuck Colson asks, "How can we, as a society, do what's right even in the face of powerful temptations and incentives to do what's wrong?"

The Colson Center for Christian Worldview is igniting a movement--one in which I want a part!

Evelyn Gibson
Ambassador Advertising. We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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