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Meeting John Stonestreet

John StonestreetI had the incredible joy of meeting John Stonestreet--new speaker for The Point®--last week at Biola University for the Doing The Right Thing tour. All of us at Ambassador are so excited for the days ahead and the opportunity to serve with John. By the way...I hope you're planning on meeting him at NRB. He'll be in our suite (Presidential Boardroom A) Monday morning at 7:45 AM! Just let me know if you can come!

Let me introduce John a little more to you by sharing his responses to some Ambassador questions! (You've probably already read some in February's Update)

You have a Masters in "Christian Thought"--when did you first start thinking about Christ as personal Savior?

I was told about Christ by my parents from as early as I can remember. The faith community we were a part of emphasized the idea of needing to embrace Christ as Savior. We were taught to memorize Scripture. But, it was much later in life when I made the connection of the Lordship of Christ over all of life. 

Through some significant professors at college, who are still friends and mentors to this day, I realized that Christianity was a complete worldview, a fully comprehensive view of reality that made real demands on my thoughts and actions.

Tell us about your family.

First, I married up! Sarah and I have been married for years. Second, house is pink. We have three daughters: Abigail (5), Anna (3), and Allison (1). Third, we laugh a lot. The girls have made life even better.  Finally, we have a wonderful heritage. Both of our parents are committed to Christ and each other. They have given us a wonderful foundation to build on, and are actively involved in our daughter's lives.

What do you enjoy most about parenting three daughters?

Being in love with them. They have each won my heart. I was terrified to have a daughter when our oldest was born. After that, I really hoped the next two were girls also!

Technology makes it possible for you to continue to reside in Colorado--what makes that such a great place to live?

Colorado is a terrific place to live. We've really enjoyed the moderate climate, the clean air, and the breathtaking beauty. Plus, the military presence in town adds so much to the character of the city. It is rare that I am on a flight without a soldier returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

You've led a ministry (Summit) that incorporates the outdoors into its leadership training.  What's your favorite spot to visit for a vacation?

Quick Correction: Summit really doesn't incorporate the outdoors... It's focus is worldview and apologetics training, though the Colorado environment gives the students a wonderful place to relax and reflect on the extensive training they are receiving.

As for vacation, we are beach people.  We try to get near the water if we can, especially since we are so far away from it in Colorado. My favorite place to visit is New Zealand - a place I've visited and worked in for several years.

Most leaders recognize the impact of early discipleship in their lives--anyone you would name as a spiritual mentor?

There are so many key individuals in my life, I could not name just one. Certainly my parents have always been central in my discipleship.  As far as the way I understand Christianity and the Christian worldview, Gary Phillips and Bill Brown were key influencers during my time at Bryan College. They first exposed me to the concept of worldview and what it means to think Christianly, and one of the great honors of my life was revising their book Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview.  

More recently, I need to mention the influence of T.M. Moore and Rod Thompson in understanding the Scriptures. Jeff Myers first hired me to work with Summit Ministries. David Noebel, the founder and President of Summit Ministries, who has worked for 50 years to train students in worldview and apologetics, inspires me to be faithful and thoughtful. 

And, of course, Chuck Colson has been the leader in bringing worldview and cultural issues to the attention of the church. 

What's your home church--what makes it a great place to fellowship for you?

We worship at St. George's in Colorado Springs. It's a place of thoughtful worship and teaching.

We know Chuck Colson is a proponent of good reading.  Got a favorite volume?

I'm a reader. David Noebel taught me that if you want to lead, you have to read. I could not name a single book. Among the authors I've benefitted greatly from include  Augustine, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Francis Schaeffer, Chuck Colson, and David Wells.

In one sentence, why is it so important to have a Christian worldview?

To follow Christ fully, we must love what He loves, think how He thinks, be passionate about what He is passionate about, and recognize the reach of His Lordship into all aspects of our lives and cultures. This is the essence of Christian worldview.

Is there any issue facing our culture today that you'd single out as the ultimate battleground for believers in the decade ahead of us?

The key issue of our time is the definition of humanness. At the center of nearly every cultural issue of our time, from abortion and bioethical concerns to fashion to poverty, is the question: "What is a human being and what gives them value?"

Our culture can be profoundly de-humanizing to students, the unborn, the elderly, the poor, and even the rich. In Christ, we have the hope of redemption and restoration of life to every square inch of human existence.

We sense you are very pleased about joining the Colson team and speaking on "The Point®."  Given you are already engaged in effective ministry, why the excitement?

I am very excited and honored with this terrific opportunity to host The Point®. I believe that Christians should be able to think and act Biblically in their culture. Anything that helps make that happen is something I want to be a part of!  Summit and Breakpoint both share that passion, so it only makes sense to connect and collaborate as much as possible.

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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