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Joni and Friends®— Transparency

JoniMany years ago, I was performing with my dance troupe when to my horror my prosthesis broke. Actually, it broke in half. Right in front of hundreds of socially awkward middle schoolers. After standing there for a split second I ran backstage, fully aware that everyone saw - me. I felt vulnerable, different, transparent.

Being transparent is nothing new for Joni. She does it every day. Throughout her battle with breast cancer, Joni has included us every step of the way. That's because she has included Christ - with every breath, every challenge and every victory.

Victory is something Joni is celebrating. Watch this update by Joni and Ken to see Joni's latest progression in her health journey.

Transparency also means letting God work through you to help others. Joni's ability to express her wisdom is inspiring and captivating. While weather prevented her from addressing Moody's Founders Week in person, you can still listen to her message and draw strength from her heartfelt encouragement.

Being transparent also means letting others "see how it's done". That, and a little fun goes a long way. This video is a quick glance into the radio recording process at Joni and Friends® - a great peek into the day to day operations that makes Joni and Friends® a place of joy.

That's really what it's all about, right? Letting others peek into the broken pieces of our lives? As you look in, you see heartache, victory, humor and the everlasting love of Christ all molded together to create something truly beautiful.

That's Joni's message.

So, let's stand front and center on that stage together, middle schoolers and all.


Anna Sinclair

Ambassador Advertising

We Connect. Ministry and Media.

PS - It's not too late to send us your favorite Hymns for our time together Monday evening at NRB! Looking forward to seeing you then!

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