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Falling in Love with The Incomparable Christ

Who would you say Jesus is to you?

That's the question that we all must answer and the way we respond is of utmost importance.  Our answer determines how we respond to Jesus and His message.

As Nancy Leigh DeMoss prepared to celebrate Easter this time last year, she picked up a book by J. Oswald Sanders called The Incomparable Christ.  As she read this classic devotional study, she was greatly blessed through the daily meditations that left her with a sense of awe about the Person of Christ.

In anticipation of the upcoming Passion and Easter season, Nancy will be presenting a new teaching series on "Revive Our Hearts" that is based on the themes of Sanders' book on the life and redeeming work of Christ.

Nancy shares, "I pray that your heart and life will be changed as you come face-to-face with our resurrected Savior and His infinite love for you!"

The ministry is offering a special edition of The Incomparable Christ and encouraging listeners to study along during the 40 days leading up to Easter.

I would agree with Nancy when she says that "what we believe about Jesus determines our ultimate destiny."

Don't miss this series of life-shaping messages on The Incomparable Christ (airs March 9-April 29).

For daily program information, download the March promo packet here.


Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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