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Five Things A Storm (or Earthquake!) Can't Destroy

  • Monday, March 14, 2011
  • Lee Ann Jackson
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The ripple effect.

A phrase we're hearing a lot as reports continue to come in about the devastation in Japan.  The ripple effect of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami are being felt across the globe.

As our hearts go out to the victims of these tragedies and as we seek God in prayer and scripture trying to make sense of it all, I can't help but wonder . . . what is the ripple effect of my life . . . my spiritual life?

In a recent devotional, Anne Graham Lotz shares about the Five Things a Storm Can't Destroy.   She reflects through scripture that as children of faith in Jesus Christ, we can be confident that God promises us: purpose, prayers, presence, peace and power.

No matter what storm (or earthquake) we encounter, His promises are steadfast and in "Daily Light for Daily Living®," Anne reminds listeners of this . . . and the importance of staying in His Word.

When we do that  . . . when we cry out to God for help, He will remind us of five things we have in the midst of any storm or earthquake--five things that can never be destroyed.  

A timely reminder to stay grounded in the Word and to make sure the ripple effect of our lives draw others to Him and His promises for our lives!

Lee Ann Jackson


We Connect.  Ministry and Media.  

P.S.  2011 is the 10 year marker of 9/11 . . . be watching for more details on sharing an evening of teaching messages with Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg.

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