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Green or Orange . . . Pick Your Color!

Irish FlagI've worn orange on St. Patrick's Day for years and have suffered (well it's really not suffering unless you feel "suffered") a rolling of the eyes which people often do when they don't have a rebuttal.

So, what's up with wearing orange?

Check out the flag of the Republic of Ireland.  You'll see green, white and orange.  The orange is loosely referring to Protestants, green for Catholics and white to represent the unity between the two, which in some parts of Ireland is certainly in question.

Wearing green is an American tradition...not an Irish one! 

Here's the deal on St. Patrick and wearing the green, or may I say, the orange!  The reason to wear green on St. Patrick's Day is because the Catholic part of Ireland is identified with the green.  St. Patrick was a Catholic Saint who supposedly was responsible for "converting" Ireland to Protestantism.  So Protestants are identified with orange, called "Orangemen" after King William the Orange!

In a spirit of connecting in unity with friends green and orange--today I'm wearing both!  (I see you rolling your eyes!)

Evelyn Gibson


I love you Ev....and if I had anything Orange that would pass for business casual, I'd be wearing it too!

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