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Compassion Answers Sponsors' Questions

You know what you won't hear on Compassion International's short feature "Speak Up With Compassion®" with Wess Stafford?  Questions from Compassion sponsors.

Each day Wess Stafford gently responds to questions from real sponsored children in Compassion programs around the world.  Wess addresses issues of children living in poverty while encouraging listeners to "Speak Up With Compassion®" on behalf of the lives of children.

"Speaking up" is simple to do through child sponsorship.  With the help of many Christian radio stations around the country, Compassion is connecting families like yours and mine with children in poverty.  Naturally, many new sponsors have questions about how their sponsorship works.  Questions like:

Compassion International Blog Answers for Sponsors








How does Compassion teach the children in their programs?

Compassion International Blog Answers

Can I accept a friend request on Facebook from my sponsored child?

Compassion International Blog Answers








Why do letters from my sponsored child seem so impersonal?

While you won't hear questions like these addressed on "Speak Up With Compassion®," sponsors can get answers to the commonly asked questions at Compassion's blog.

Blog.compassion.com not only answers sponsor's questions, but also provides insightful country-by-country articles on the life of a sponsored child.  It's a resource for people who want to learn about children in poverty -- and what Christians are doing to help.

Do the Compassion sponsors in your audience know where to go for answers?  Connect them to blog.compassion.com.  Start by including the "Christian Blog on Poverty" widget on your website, then use their RSS feed to keep informed on topics of interest to your listeners.

Let's Speak Up With Compassion®...for Compassion sponsors!

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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