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Pinky Promise

I made my first pinky promise last night.  I made it with a 6 year old girl.  She made me pinky promise she could lead prayer in AWANA.  

I didn't think much about the promise.  I smiled at the idea of locking pinkies with this precious girl and smiled as I anticipated a prayer for her goldfish, a puppy, or some other child-like prayer.  

But when it came time to make good on my promise . . . when this little girl prayed and begged God to make her mommy better and bring her home from the hospital because she missed her so much, it became so much more than a pinky promise. 

And it stuck with me.  

When my friend told me the doctor confirmed her cancer had spread. 

When another friend shared that she'd lost her job. 

When my water heater broke and water started seeping in my house . . . when I realized the cost of replacing and repairing the damage. 

All so overwhelming. 

Then I remembered the pinky promise. 

God graciously nudged my heart . . . my promises are so much more

I am with the little child missing her mom.   

I am with her sick mom. 

And I am with you always . . . pinky promise.  

Lee Ann Jackson


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What a great reminder beautifully presented!

His promises are great & precious... Just like your story.

I am leading an effort to effectively "do life" with the widows and spiritual widows in our church. What you have penned is a very real process for these ladies that try to hang on to the spiritual truth of who God is an how He is involved in their everyday life. It is a wonderful reminder for us that as we seek to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual, needs of these widows that God will continue to cover them with His wing.

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