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Facebook Send Button

FacebookYou've seen things like this before…it's the little envelope at the top of articles, blogs, etc. that lets you easily and quickly email the page to your friends. As of today, Facebook has launched a "Send" button. But this button, as you would have guessed, does more than the previous email icons you've seen.

The all new "Send" button will allow you to send the link to your friends via Facebook messages, post it to a Group, or even email it to an individual. This is just one more way that Social Media is going to be interwoven with other areas of digital communications. Facebook announced that this social plug has "fewer required steps and it removes the need to look up email addresses" since it auto suggests (similar to when you send a Facebook message).

A few of the "bells and whistles" included are the ability to know when someone sends a message from the plug-in and the ability to adjust the code for specific languages.

Even in just the short amount of time since the announcement today, this new button has generated a lot of talk! It's yet another change for digital communication and audience engagement!

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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