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Brad Mattes in D.C and Ecuador

Brad Mattes of the Life Issues® InstituteEver wonder what Brad Mattes does when he's not recording "Life Issues®"?  Well, currently he is in Washington D.C. networking with other pro-life leaders.  Next week, he'll be travelling down to Ecuador and will be speaking on men and abortion. Speaking in various cities and towns throughout the country, Brad will also be equipping and training local leaders on helping men after the loss of a child due to abortion.  Please remember to keep Brad in your prayers, especially for wisdom as he communications across a linguistic and cultural barrier while in Ecuador.

Not only, however, does Brad and the entire Life Issues® Institute care for the men who have lost their children through abortion . . . their heart also aches for the women who don't have babies to hold on to this Mothers Day - which is why they are holding a special Mothers Day campaign.

Finally, although Easter has now passed, I wanted to share with you what Brad tweeted:

"Nothing beats the afterglow of Easter! Just thinking about His victory over death gives me a lift.  Talk about a pro-life message!"

I couldn't agree with him more.  Thank you for continuing to share both the pro-life message of Christ as well as the encouragement to keep the sanctity of life intact with your listeners. It really does make a difference!

Stay tuned also for an extraordinary July 4th, Life Issues® radio Special . . . more information will come your way soon!

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