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Spring Cleaning Help From Emilie Barnes

Spring is finally here!  Don't you just love this time of year with the fresh scents in the air, the flowers blooming, and lots of sunshine?  I love to open up tspring511he doors and windows and just let it all in! 

But what do you do if your house feels like it's has the "winter blues?"

Why not freshen up your home and get ready for the days of warm weather living?  

On Keep It Simple, you've often heard Emilie Barnes share her ideas to make quick work of cleaning.  Here are some of her basic guidelines to use as you begin your spring cleaning: 

Start by getting your family together and delegating the work. 

With trash bags in hand, throw away or give away everything that doesn't have a place.  

Clean all curtains, rugs and bedding - turn mattresses.  

Wash all windows inside and out. 

Clean all floors and wipe down walls.  

Clean appliances.  

Scrub the tubs and showers.  

Set time limits on cleaning each area so everything gets cleaned.  You may need to divide your time over a few weeks, but when it's done you will love the fresh feel of your home!  

Sheri Cooper

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