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An Unwanted Skirmish

Dennis and Barbara RaineyAs a ministry that focuses on building stronger marriages, FamilyLife  recognizes that it's not if a couple will experience marital conflict, but when

In fact, in a recent article from FamilyLife, Barbara Rainey talks about the conflicts that pop up in her own marriage to Dennis and how they've learned to manage them, one issue at a time.

A week ago, my husband and I were in another unwanted skirmish in our marriage.   Same topic, same emotions, round gazillion!   

I've been disappointed many times that our issues are not resolved cleanly.  They aren't black and white. 

Over the decades of our marriage, our repeated disagreements have settled into several categories: parenting values, decision making, money, sex, and travel.  Victory, a conditional one, was declared in only one of these: parenting ... and that was simply because time ran out.  The others demand ongoing engagement. 

Your own recurring marital battles may be over finances, in-laws, jobs or other situations.  No two marriages battle the same combination of issues.  Yet there are similar patterns.

(Read the full article here)

You can find more on marriage and family at FamilyLife.com/Articles.  For a look at what's ahead on "FamilyLife Today," including some broadcasts just in time for Mother's Day, be sure to download this month's promo pack.


Happy Spring!

Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media

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