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TRANSPORTED (Movie Edition)

trivia question

1)  The Flying Scotsman's story.  Love that music!

2)  First starring role for this iconic large-eared actor.

3)  He won't be forgotten in the OC, thanks to our local transport center.  Name his "breakthrough" movie.

4)  Disney's story of "Lightning McQueen."

5)  Saloon singer in the movie, this picture's star later sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. President.

6)  The popular 70s TV series became movie of same name.  Its stars went on to politics -- and Christian TV.

7)  The Beaver's mom jives while passengers and crew fall ill from food poisoning.  Thank you, Mr. Abrahams.

8)  Famous novel put to screen--a boatload of idiots.

9)  Beatles tune put to screen--brightly colored deep sea diver.

10) Classic SNL comedians star in vehicle about a guy trying to get home for Thanksgiving.



Ready to make sure your answers are right? Just ask Peggy!

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