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Do More Than Give!

Do More Than GiveIf your organization has the slightest intention of going after grants or foundation giving, then "Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World" is a must-read.

Those who do more than give, or "catalytic philanthropists" are described by their six notable practices and make up the core chapters in the book:

Advocates for Change
Blending Profit with Purpose
Forging Nonprofit Peer Networks
Empowering Stakeholders
Leading Adaptively
Learning in Order to Change

When you think catalytic philanthropist you're in Bill and Melinda Gates' world, but I found each chapter filled with enlightening information for anyone who serves in ministry to adapt in their approach to foundations and individual donors. 

I was also pleased to discover the book concludes with a description of high impact nonprofits--describing them as those who (1) advocate and serve; (2) do good while doing well in building partnerships; (3) value volunteers and donors, connecting them with experiences that underscore the mission and core values of the organization; (4) advance larger causes than just their own; (5) are capable of change; and (6) who share leadership across their management team.

Change is always difficult.  For any one person who desires change, there are many more who will resist it, clinging to the status quo because it's easier, more comfortable.  Less catalytic!

Evelyn Gibson

Ambassador Advertising. We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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Thanks for your review Evelyn. I have just written our first grant application - ever ! And I have a lot to learn.... I am especially interested in Unity in the Body of Christ through radio.... Hugs to you and the AAA Staff.

I need a copy of the book do more than give. We are a non profit and I need to be able to hone our ministry story to qualify for the different grants in the region.


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