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Your Custom Worldview Package!

Chuck ColsonYou've probably seen the amazing resources and events being put out by The Colson Center in recent months. Everything from Doing The Right Thing tours around the country to daily blogs by Chuck Colson himself. With Chuck Colson and his team providing so many opportunities to partner in equipping your listeners with a biblical worldview...we wanted to give you a "one-stop-reference" of all the options.

We know you have unique needs to reach your audience...which is why we invite you to customize a "worldview" package from The Colson Center specifically for your station!

Select the perfect blend for your audience:

Radio Programming
Video Engagment
Online Resources

Further Opportunities

Talk to me today to help make this happen!


Radio Programs: Designed to meet your listeners where they're at...helping them build a robust Christian worldview. Talk to me today if you'd like to add additional programming from The Colson Center Radioto your station!

BreakPoint®: This 4:00 daily program is cutting-edge both in content and delivery. With Amb-OS, Chuck has the ability to make last-minute program changing to keep you and your listeners in touch with concise, biblical commentaries on late-breaking national and world events!

The Point®: Life is lived at the intersections: the intersections of faith and life, of truth and decision, of Christ and culture, of heart and mind. The Point® (1:00 Daily) is aimed directly at the center of these intersections. Each day you will hear fresh commentary on the news, media, entertainment and culture from a distinctly Christian and fully human perspective.

BreakPoint® This Week: Strategically compiled from the daily BreakPoint® commentaries, this weekly 30:00 program zeroes in on the most critical issues impacting our Christian worldview. Its headline quality content makes this newsmagazine format an excellent "catch-up" for all the issues that have been on the forefront of culture the preceding week.

Interviews: Wondering about having Chuck Colson on your program? Fill out this form and we'll see what we can do!

Custom PSAs and Liners: We often record custom PSAs and liners for BreakPoint® station partners. With 6-8 weeks notice, we can work to provide you with a special PSA for you and your listeners! Talk to Anna today for details. We also have several generic PSAs at our FTP site if you need something right away!

Videos: Designed to help you reach listeners at your website, on social media or in email, these videos carry the same quality content on biblical perspective on faith, video cameraculture, news, media and entertainment that's the hallmark of The Colson Center.

Two-Minute Warning: This is Chuck Colson's hard-hitting video commentary on the news and culture topics that matter to your listeners. Released weekly, it's available to share, post or link to.

The Point® Video: A visual component of "The Point®," this daily video is the same quality content as the feature, accompanied with visuals for posting in multi-media settings.

Online Resources: A hub of information for all things "worldview," your morning hosts, on-air personalities and listeners will all have a wealth of information right at their websitefinger tips!

The Colson Center for Worldview: With resources like The Colson Library, the Learning Center, ways to get involved, a book store and more, this site is sure to have the information you're looking for!

Chuck Colson's Daily Blog: Part of the BreakPoint® blogs, Chuck has recently begun adding a blog of his own every day! Make sure to check out "The Daily Chuck" section on the blog for Chuck Colson's latest insights!

The Point® Blog: Great insight into the topics of the day from a variety of experts, these are the apologists who are impacting the next generation!


Further Engagement: Taking "developing a biblical worldview" to an even deeper level, these are opportunities for your staff and listeners to learn more from Chuck doorColson and worldview experts!

Doing The Right Thing: An exploration of ethics from experts like Chuck Colson, Brit Hume, Dr. Robert George and others, this 6 part series that's available on DVD was the catalyst for a radio tour around the country. It's a way to help your listeners join the conversation in the workplace, in their communities and in their churches!

Centurions Program: This program prepares Christian to live out their faith authentically and powerfully. This is an opportunity to not only build your worldview...but to meet Chuck Colson and study under him in a live setting!


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