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Have You Seen "The Voice"?

Now that "American Idol" has closed its season, many will turn their full attention to the newly-created reality TV show called "The Voice."  Have you seen it?  One of the unique elements that separates this show from others is what happens during contestant auditions.  Each hopeful singer performs while facing the backs of judges who must judge solely based on what they hear.  Those judges are straining to hear "The Voice" that will stir them enough to cast their vote.

You would likely agree with me that, although there are many great voices (including those that sing beautifully!), there is only one Voice that is worthy of our attention and dedication.

A ministry that is consistently attentive to hearing the voice of God on behalf of children in poverty is Compassion International.

One night, alone in a field, Compassion International's president Wess Stafford cried out on behalf of children around the world.  Watch this video called "The Voice" to see how God answered:

How can you be a voice for children?  Start with airing "Speak Up With Compassion®."  It's what many Christian radio stations around the country today are doing to make their voice heard on behalf of the poor of the world.

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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