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Simple Pleasures

Keep It Simple June 2011 Blog

Are you so busy that you don't take time to really relax?  Why not try focusing on the simple things in life that make you smile?  After a few minutes, you'll find yourself relaxing, and smiling... a good combination!  

Emilie Barnes has a wonderful list of "simple pleasures."  When she begins to feel stressed, she takes a moment to think about the things she enjoys - things that make her smile.   

Here are a few of Emilie's "simple pleasures".  See if they don't make you smile too! 

Feeling the sun on the back of your neck


The smell of bacon or coffee first thing in the morning

Reading a really good book

Singing in church

The smell of fresh-cut grass

A child's smile

The smell and sound of rain

Watching your kids sleeping 

What are your "simple pleasures"?   


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador Advertising

We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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