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BGEA -- Updates from Joplin

June is a month typically known for graduations, weddings and summer vacations.  But for the Joplin, Missouri community, this June is anything but typical.

For the 50,000 in the small town, June comes with significant losses .  . . neighbors, friends and relatives whose lives were lost in the May 22nd tornado.

As the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Rapid Response Team (RRT) continues to minister in Joplin, they invite you to share with your listeners, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what they're seeing in Joplin and how they are encouraging the community.

Because it's not always a tornado which devastates our lives  . . .  sometimes it's the loss of a job, marital challenges or a health concern - whatever the tragedy,  the reminder from Franklin Graham (and other RRT members) is one we can all take to heart. To those whom have lost much, the reminder of the hope we all have which no tornado can sweep away, is indeed, the start to rebuilding lives.

What you can do  . . .

> Air material from the 6 pieces in the BGEA - RRT audio package (note that some of the audio is on scene quality not studio quality) -- included in the package are two segments from Franklin Graham who recently visited Joplin. 

> Schedule an interview with a BGEA RRT representative for a first hand account of how lives have been impacted in Joplin and how they are rebuilding their lives.

> Link to BGEA web updates on ministry efforts in Joplin and poignant stories of loss and hope.

> Pray . . . a Joplin pastor said it best, "We really believe that if people continue to pray for us in the weeks ahead, it will be the difference between rowing a rowboat and sailing in a sailboat. When people pray for us, the wind fills the sails and we are carried forward on the power of God."

For clearance to air the audio and/or if you have any question, please contact me.

Thank you for joining BGEA and many others in continued prayers for the Joplin community.

Lee Ann Jackson

Ambassador Advertising Agency

We Connect.  Ministry and Media.  


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