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Blessed are the Peace Makers, for they shall be called the children of God

peacedoveAs a pastor I don’t think I see anything that causes more havoc in people’s lives than broken relationships. 


Children who can’t forgive their parents

Spouses who have “irreconcilable differences”

Neighbors who have not paid their “pound of flesh”


The tendency is so often to just walk away (From a family or a neighborhood, or a church).  We, as children of God are called to something different.





Peace Making


This week, as I was listening to Charles Morris on HAVEN Today (7/22-24) I was convicted - because yes I too can fall prey to the temptation to “write people off.”


However, I was also greatly encouraged because as I listened to Charles talk to Ken Sande (with Peace Makers ministries) I felt like I had gone on a free shopping to the “Great and Practical  Reconciliation Tool Store.”


This is too good not to share (From Ken Sande)


 4 Promises that Go with Genuine Forgiveness.

1. I promise not to dwell on this or brood over this

2. I promise not to throw this back in your face in the future

3. I promise talk to others about this

4. I promise not to let this stand between us or hinder our relationship

*follow-up mandatory hug J


See if perhaps you can implement these in your family…if you dare.


Grace, Peace, and Joy



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