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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

The Greatest Love Story of All

I admit it . . . I'm a romantic at heart-especially around Valentine's Day.  Along with cherishing the hand made Valentine's cards from my children to the chocolates and flowers, I really love a good love story.

In a February's "Decision Minute" feature from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, listeners are reminded of the best love story of all. 

The program, titled, "A Love Story" reminds us that love is more than feeling, it's an action word . . . something God has called us to do.  And not just in regards to those who love us, but perhaps even more ...

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IMPORTANT BreakPoint® Announcement

John Stonestreet The Point®A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world.

For more than 20 years, Chuck Colson has been sharing the need for a Christian worldview with thousands of listeners on each day's edition of BreakPoint®.  To amplify that, three years ago, The Point® launched, affording stations the option of an abbreviated (1:00) worldview message.

Initially anchored by Mark Earley (former President of Prison Fellowship) who's voice was so appreciated, we are pleased to tell you that beginning Monday, March 7, a new voice will move into the speaker ...

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God's Love Letter to Us

How would you describe a perfect Valentine's Day?  Would it be all about flowers and chocolate or a romantic, candlelight dinner for two?  Some would hesitate to answer this question since many times, expectations fall short and the disappointment lingers far beyond the day.

I'm thankful that as a follower of Christ, all I have to do is open the Bible and read God's promises about love.  First John 4:8 says that "God is love" and there are many more verses that describe how deep God's love is for us.  This kind of love is ...

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Brad Mattes, Executive Director of the Life Issues® Institute


I can't help but think that this is what your listeners want to tell you for airing the daily "Life Issues®" program and the recent Sanctity of Life Sunday special . . . and so do I.  I believe that many lives were saved and changed because one of your listeners heard Melissa Ohden's story.  Life does begin at conception!

But wait.  The work isn't done yet! There are more who need to hear the message of "Life Issues®." 

Brad Mattes, Executive Director of the Life Issues® Institute will be at NRB and I know he'd love to let ...

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Reviving Hearts, Transforming Marriages

In almost ten years of radio ministry, what has garnered the most significant listener response for "Revive Our Hearts" has been their 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge.

On many programs, Nancy Leigh DeMoss has challenged wives that for the next 30 days, they can't say anything negative to or about their husband, but rather, they are to say something that they admire or appreciate about their husband.

In a special program scheduled for February 4th, listeners will hear from many women who have taken this challenge and how God used their positive attitude and encouraging words to transform their ...

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Africa Mercy heading to Sierra Leone!

And they're off! The Mercy Ships® team hit the ground running in 2011!  Please take a few moments to read this post about their work in Sierra Leone, the site of this years field service:

Mercy Ships® Facebook Post Sierra Leone












Shortly, the advance team will be joined by the newly-renovated Africa Mercy, equipped with a new fuel efficient generator, ready to bring hope and healing.  I can't wait to hear stories about the lives that will be changed as a result of the skillful and loving hands of the doctors, nurses, and other volunteers on the Africa Mercy.

Although I am not able ...

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